Groovy Sunshine EP

by Anthony Parks




ellerie's right like a nightingale shining
running along to the ferry now, sailor
youthful laughter, indiscretion
for the girl with voice of angels

scattered breaths thrown to the wind
with pulses of a state of sin
and i dont know why but i know how
you'll leave me behind
with nothing to tell
for what could have been
ellerie is swell
waves along the shoreline calling home


everybody's talkin' 'bout the new generation
wait in line for the latest exhalation
oh-ee is the past haunting me?
what a foolish mistake with no chance for reprieve

you're out on the town
with a sickle for a frown
the runaway gal in a pack of wolves howlin'
oh-ee is the past haunting me?
what a foolish mistake with no chance for reprieve

well i dont know how much you been drinkin'
but sure as shit
i've done a lot of thinkin'

i've waited so long for a love song
to come along chasin' without hesitation
when i shoulda known i was so wrong
im just another asshole but why didn't you say so?

remember when my momma told me take it slow
the minister's daughter and the pains in tow
oh-ee is the past haunting me?
what a foolish mistake with no chance for reprieve

i shoulda seen it comin' yeah
like it always does
forget to play it cool
and be like yeah is she the only one?
oh-ee is the past haunting me?
what a foolish mistake with no chance for reprieve

Thee Cistern-hood of Thee Traveling Panthyon

what's a life without a love
to transcend all attachments?
nothing can compare
to the one for whom you care
without return expectation

shake it off
if you're wanting for more
when nothing's in store
but comes to the shoreline
wash away
memories bottled up
trauma brings waves of doubt
but that's okay

i never had it so good but never felt it so bad
my feelings misunderstood
shape of my heart broke apart lately

i wanted to tell you sorry
for all of the confusing things
i could say in hopes of changing
feelings from within im holding

queen of hearts
is your heart to hard to start
or is it time to stop pretending
if i know or could tell from what i've shown
to be deludingly in love?


i never thought i could be this dumb again
i didn't know i could fail if i tried
i never wanted to be this in love again
the price i'd pay for a piece of your mind

i thought somehow it'd be different this time
blurred lines between forced affections and rueful charms
to wonder which was the more authentic
pathetic questions don't deserve rhymes

A Fond Farewell

being in love
it's the worst dang thing in the whole entire world
because it's never good enough
to hold the one you love once, let alone
when/if you ever give her up
a bittersweet surrender would be criminal
how could you ever wave goodbye?
hold on, softly

what if you never fell in love?
what if you never felt at all?
no more regrets and no more resentments
shame and the guilt gone way off the hillcrest

taking time
well its the most important thing in the whole entire world
and if you love sweet life
well dont you worry about a thing its gonna be alright


released September 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Anthony Parks Boston, Massachusetts

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