Canadian Tuxedo

by Anthony Parks



re-mastered 2017

Panthyon and Thee Ark is a one-persyn multimedia experience created by Anthony Parks (, that explores pop, garage rock, folk, psychedelia and musique concrete through the use of video game controllers, video projection, custom-built interactive software, with MIDI foot and touch controllers, all linked to traditional acoustic guitar and baritone-tenor vocals. Upcoming performances plan to feature the integration of live bassoon as well, building upon Anthony's experience as a bassoonist in the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra and the Vassar College Orchestra.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.


one-two takin' a ride
pick it up again
blowin' smoke up against the wall
12 oclock on the black concrete
im preparing to take the fall
red and green and purple-yellow
swirls in a sea
turnin' round and round and round and round til i see

pickin it up where we left off
retracing every step we took
lookin on down at the long sidewalk
well i blame it on a pack of cigs
you lost your ID
yeah you lost your ID

saving it up for the last five years
do you really grow attached to things?
makin me wonder what you really think
are you talkin about him lets see
one- you like the shine and sparkle of old things
afraid to hold on to the new
two- you're lookin blue yr really not hard to read
i think i know just what to do - go go go


splitting screens only it seems
to push the little one over
wrapped safely between the sheets
in the middle of his bedroom
childhood far out of reach
cuz vivid memories never fade
out into the revealed
scar tissue never settles
too deep cover

fun sun shining round the summer time
on the beach, in the rising waves
to toke a little in the morning light is bliss
to lose yourself in the summer heat
so sweet, i can't deny:
one-having fun,
two-the summer times to come
tipping the nod to the tree
upon an opal and an emerald
mirroring 55 rings
the roots are runnin round in circles
open to most anything
because i'm willing and ready
take me beyond to the reef
within an underground city
sewer tunnel

Isolation Trials

reach out touch up
the pitted moon is sinking
my eyes my ears
these visions oh so fleeting
i know bout you
i know bout you
i know bout you

isolations weakening my sense of self
and sickening thoughts
isolation creeping oh so self-defeating i know

tuck in turn out
the night illuminates me
reach in pull out
emissions otherworldly
i know bout you
i know bout you
i know bout you


sisters brothers lovers in their cupboards
tell me what you'll spare
troubles treasures
will you take another
someones made in my bed

well i dont know how the greenery
insists on seeping into the scenery
in my head

she fills in my cerebral visions
by technicolor drams
open shadow teeming with dispersion
come to the master plan

Suzie Sofia

suzie sofia don't mean to drag
come over baby i want you to teach me
your ancient wisdom buried in a smile
love lessons from a caravan in the black sea

burned to the ground
im the last man down
im out on the town
with a sickle for a frown
but suzie cant you see
youre the girl for me

suzie sofia im your humble man
rain down from heaven
let your windfall besiege
cool black hair as the lightning strikes down
the prettiest eyes that i ever done seen
suzie sofia i won't settle for less
than your cosmic rays outshining
the sun and the moon and the stars
your blazing caress
charred til im crazed in an endless game of chess

Canadian Tuxedo
i'm mopin around this one horse town
i got a nickle and some time to spare
in my canadian tuxedo
yeah im so debonair
in his canadian tuxedo
he hasn't a care

who came up with this cool facade
this blue concealing drapery
in his canadian tuxedo
yeah he's so debonair
in his canadian tuxedo
he hasn't a care

i know what i want to tell you
but its not oh so simple to say
i know how to play it cool yeah
but its not oh so simple to do

im tokin on down to relieve my frown
i got no excuses for goin out
in my canadian tuxedo
i can go anywhere
in my canadian tuxedo
i havent a care

how did i ever get caught up
in giving a fuck about what was up
well if i'm so shady
will you tell me baby if that's gonna be alright

Home Away from Home
silence it slips
when you're setting sail
no i wont go to mexico but what the hell
spirits are ripped
when you're gettin rife
as tongue tied gnomes with better buffalo groanin

in my home away from home
lonelier than free
well why dont you stay with me darling
i dont know whats to become of me

my heart it skips
late on the beat
one and two im through with you
im done with this scene
the fortress is chipped
so lets take a trip
to decide who will meet their fate on the cliff

Goodbye San Francisco

goodbye san francisco
fare thee well
and goodbye to the faultlines
that make my living hell
the rolling hills
fell from above
i fell in love
once or twice
or every time i stepped on the bus

goodbye to bold city boffins
your science is unparalleled
and have you cracked the code at last
and pray what can you tell
the city life will leave you lying
alone and dying
its cold in your apartment


released February 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Anthony Parks Boston, Massachusetts

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